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Our clients range from international organisations to highly specific and local private institutions.

Websites for clinics, colleges and academies.

At Neterinary® we have an excellent reputation for designing, programming and building multi-functional web sites for schools colleges, academies, veterinary clinics and independent consultants.

With the advent of mobile computing via broadband connection an organisation can now deliver important information twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. Veterinary clinics can direct pet owners to pet care literature specific to their pet's treatment.

Business Systems for Education


Students can distance learn with interactive lessons and a wealth of support material online.


Tutors can take advantage of statistical information in real time and take immediate action to help and guide students as needed.

Online Support

We have consultants who specialise in mobile software, IOS and Android and can develop your faculty resources to new levels of excellence.

Not everyone offers eLearning as a primary resource. For many organisations software such as Moodle and Blackboard are already an educationally important and financially valuable asset which supports traditional teaching methods. Blackboard (and numerous alternative vendors) being proprietary may require liaison to ensure your goals and the software developers are focused on your growth as an institute.

Moodle, a learning curve in its own right

Moodle is Open Source hence it has no commercial license. This means the software is inherently less expensive however it is complex and generally requires continual service and maintenance. The installation of a Moodle project requires technical skills that may be available to your IT department although one should note, this is classed as 'enterprise level' and as such can be extremely demanding on in-house staff, purely because they will usually have many other duties. Adding Moodle to an already busy team usually means we can help.

We have installed and modified Moodle web sites to better represent the clients course-work and help students adjust quickly to what is often an unfamiliar interface. Tailoring legacy SCORM packages to run on later versions of the Moodle software as well is bridging between Moodle and other systems is also part of our work. Where a course has a 'Pay-As-You-Learn' fee we can write new and edit existing code to allow your gateway to accept payments directly from the students.

We have consultants specialising in course design in a number of formats including standard HTML based (as per Lectora) and specific proprietary systems too.

We have also written and implemented our own software which can simplify the introduction of an online course. Any course creation software which can output quality HTML can be added to our system which n comparison to a typical enterprise installation is far more economical to install and administer.

If you would like to explore the options of developing a web system to support your courses and other school and college requirements online please call us today on +353 21234 0212.